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3 Myths About Car Title Loans

Many people will tell you that title loans are not a good idea. Unfortunately, they believe the myths. Don’t follow in their footsteps. Find out why car title loans are a good, viable option when you need cash fast with these debunked myths.

Myth #1: You Will Lose Your Car

Not everyone who receive a car title loan will lose the car he/she used as collateral. The only reason someone ends up having a car taken from him/her is that he/she did not pay back the loan. As long as you don’t default, you will have your title back and have no risk of losing your car.

Myth #2: The Interest Rates Are High

Interest rates are determined just the same way they are when you take out a loan at your local bank or lending institution. Interest rates are determined based on your financial history. The more risk there is in lending money, the higher the interest rate could be. This doesn’t mean that they are always higher than all other lending possibilities. It just means that title loan companies need to protect themselves just as the others do.

Myth #3: You Can Get Loans Elsewhere

That is not always true. Those with poor credit will have a difficult time securing a loan. 1-800 Title Loan doesn’t perform a credit check, so you won’t have to worry about not getting approved because of your credit.

If you’ve heard these myths, you now know they are not true. 1-800 Title Loan can get you out of a major financial mess. Allow us to help you – call us now.