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Granada Hills

You can get the cash you need in Granada Hills easily with 1800 Title Loans.

We are a private lender with flexible payment plans. We’re easy to work with, and you can have your money within just minutes, not days like traditional lending institutions in Granada Hills.

What You Need to Know about Title Loans

You can use your home or vehicle as collateral for a cash loan. There will be lien placed on your vehicle or home, but it will be removed as soon as you pay back the money you’ve borrowed. You have nothing to worry about as long as you pay it back within the terms agreed upon.

If you need a large sum of money, that’s no problem. We can loan you up to $50,000. Our minimum is $2,500, so we hope that you’ll be able to spend that money when you receive it from us.

You can use the money in any way you wish. You can pay your mortgage, pay bills, or get out of a financial problem with it. You can even use it to pay off another loan, so you don’t end up defaulting on it.

Depending on what you want to use for your title loan in Granada Hills, you will need some documents to prove you own it, have stable employment, insurance, and license. The loan representative will be able to tell you more about what you’ll need to provide when you call.

How to Get Started

Don’t wait another minute. You can get the money you need quickly and easily by calling us today. Our loan representative will ask you for some information about your financial situation and the possession you would like to use for the title loan. Once we receive all of the information we need, you’ll receive the cash you need.