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Need a loan now? 800 Title Loans is here to help! Our simple loan process allows you to take out a quick loan for the money you need, when you need it the most. Our services include car title loans. Additionally, we offer title loan refinancing. If you are seeking a title loan from a flexible, private lender, call 888-575-5654 to reach 800 Title Loan today!

Our Services

  • New Title Loans – Car title loans allow you to borrow a relatively small amount of money for a short amount of time. If you need quick cash for an unexpected expense, or simply need more time to pay your bills, 800 Title Loan is the place to turn!
    • Introducing our 36% APR Ultimate Title Loan program to qualifying customers that meets all the necessary criteria. Minimum loan amount is for $4,500.00 and is written for 36 – 48 months. Estimated monthly payments for a $4,500 loan will be $207 a month if it was written for 36 months. 
      • Qualifications for the Ultimate Title Loan program are:
        • 60% Loan To Value Ratio
        • At least 625 FICO Credit Score
        • Debt to income ratio of 15%
  • Refinance Your Title Loans– Already have a title loan? 800 Title Loan may be able to help you find a better interest rate! Simply put, refinancing allows you to take out a loan to replace a loan you already have, but with a better interest rate. At 800 Title Loan, we are committed to helping our customers get the refinancing deal that they need.
  • Other Title Loans – Are you running out of options to pay your bills? Consider a title loan with 800 Title Loan, a Lost Angeles title loan company serving the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We offer car title loans and other types of title loans. Contact us at 888-575-5654 to learn more about your options with our team!

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